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5th of August, 2014:
13TH MOON (spa) "The Pale Spectre Of The Worm" MC
AMBUSH (swe) "Firestorm" LP
AMULET (eng) "Cut The Crap" 7"EP
BAPTISM (fin) "The Beherial Midnight" LP
BAPTISM (fin) "Wisdom & Hate" LP
BARROW WIGHT (can) "Power From The East" MC
BLITZKRIEG (eng) "Back From Hell" LP
BÖLZER (swz) "Aura" 12"MLP
CARNAGE (swe) "Dark Recollections" LP
CASTLE (usa) "Under Siege" LP
CLOVEN HOOF (eng) "Resist Or Serve" LP
COBRA (per) "Lethal Strike" LP
COBRA (per) "In Hell" LP
CONCEPT OF GOD (usa) "Visions" LP
COVENANT (nor) "In Times Before The Light" LP
DAWN (swe) "Sorgh På Svarte Vingar Fløgh" LP
DAWN (swe) "Slaughtersun (Crown Of The Triarchy" 2 x LP
DEMON BITCH (usa) "Death Is Hanging..." MC
DREAD SOVEREIGN (irl) "Pray To The Devil In Man" MLP
DREAD SOVEREIGN (irl) "All Hell's Martyrs" 2 x LP
FORCE OF DARKNESS (chl) "Darkness Revelation" LP
HADES ARCHER / SLAUGHTBBATH (chl) "Circus of Abominations" LP
HORNA (fin) "Adventus Satanae" 7"EP
INNSMOUTH (aus) "Consumed By Elder Sign" LP
JACOBS DREAM (usa) "Jacobs Dream" LP
LORDIAN WINDS (usa) "Lordian Winds" 12"MLP
MERCILESS (swe) "Merciless" LP
MESSIAH (swz) "Psychomorphia" LP
MIDNIGHT (usa) "Complete & Total Hell" 2 x LP
NIGHT (swe) "Gunpowder Treason" 7"EP
NIGHTMARE CITY (swe) "Nightmare Tape" TAPE
PORTRAIT (swe) "Crossroads" LP
POSSESSION (bel) "Anneliese" 7"EP
RANGER (fin) "Shock Skull" 7"EP
SACRIPHYX (aus) "The Western Front" LP
SATANIC WARMASTER (fin) "Luciferian Torches" cD
SATANIC WARMASTER (fin) "Strength & Honour" LP
SATAN'S SATYRS (usa) "Die Screeming" LP
SATAN'S SATYRS (usa) "Black Souls" 7"EP
SAVAGE GRACE (usa) "The Dominatress" LP
SEVEN SISTERS (eng) "The Warden" MC
SUPERCHRIST (usa) "Headbanger" LP
SUPERCHRIST (usa) "Defenders Of The Filth" LP
TAROT (aus) "Dying Daze" MC
THE DAGGER (swe) "The Dagger" LP
THOU ART LORD (grc) "Eosforos" LP
VAMPIRE (swe) "Vampire" LP
VANDERBUYST (hol) "In Dutch" LP
VAVEL (grc) "Vavel" LP
WARNING (eng) "Watching From A Distance" 2 x LP

15th of June, 2014:
ABSU (usa) "Origin: War & Magick 2 x LP Box
ASSEMBLY AT DUSK (usa) "Assembly At Dusk" LP
BATTLEROAR (grc) "Blood Of Legends" 2 x LP
BLOODY HAMMERS (usa) "Bloody Hammers" CD
BLACK MAGIC (nor) "Wizard's Spell" LP
BLACK MAGIC SS "Panzerwitch" 7"EP
CHAOS INVOCATION (ger) "Black Mirror Hours" 2 x LP
COBRA (per) "To Hell" LP
DARK ANGEL (usa) "Darkness Descends" LP
DAWN (swe) "Nær Sólen Gar Niþer For Evogher" LP
DAWN (swe) "The Eternal Forest - Demo Years 91-93" LP
DEAD CONGREGATION (grc) "Promulgation of the Fall" LP
COMPENDIUM OF DEATH - The Art Of Mark Riddick, book
DRACULA (aus) "Open Graves At Midnight" MC
DREAD SOVEREIGN (ger) "All Hell's Martyrs" 2 x LP
EMPEROR (nor) "IX Equilibrium" 2 x LP
WATAIN (swe) "Rabid Death's Curse" 2 x LP
WEAPON (can) "Embers & Revelations" LP
PERSIAN RISK (eng) "Once A King" LP
SENTINEL BEAST (usa) "Depths Of Death" LP
IRKALLIAN ORACLE (swe) "Grave Ekstasis" LP
LETHAL (usa) "Programmed" LP
MAYHEM (nor) "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" LP
NECROS CHRISTOS (ger) "I in Darkness II in Damnation III in Death 2002-2007" 3 x LP Box
NIGHT DEMON (swe) "Night Demon" LP
TOKYO BLADE (eng) "Tokyo Blade" LP
TEITANBLOOD (spa) "Death" 2 x LP
MEDIEVAL STEEL (usa) "Dark Castle" LP
BELOW (swe) "Across The Dark River" LP
STALLION (ger) "Mounting The World" 12"MLP
SONIC RITUAL (swe) "Mother Hearse" 12"EP
PILGRIM (usa) "II: Void Worship" LP
FUNEREAL PRESENCE (usa) "The Archers Takes Aim" LP
THE OATH (ger) "The Oath" LP
THRONE OF KATARSIS (nor) "Ved Graven" LP
THRONE OF KATARSIS (nor) "The Three Transcendental Keys" LP
THRONE OF KATARSIS (nor) "Profetens Sister Vandring" 7"EP
HIGH SPIRITS (usa) "You Are Here" LP
HIGH SPIRITS (usa) "You Are Here" CD
HIGH SPIRITS (usa) "Night After Night" 7"EP
PORTRAIT (swe) "Crossroads" LP
SACRIFICIO (spa) "Sacrificio" MC
SEXTRASH (bra) "Sexial Carnage" LP
STILLA (swe) "Till Stilla Falla" LP
VAMPIRE (swe) "Vampire" LP
VAMPIRE/MIASMAL (swe) "Queen of a Poisoned Realm" 7"EP
METALUSAFER (usa) "Heavy Metal Hammer" 7"EP
REVEREND BIZARRE (fin) "So Long Suckers" 4 x LP
WATCHTOWER (usa) "Energic Disassembly" LP
WULKANAZ (swe) "Hufô" 7"EP

22nd of April, 2014:
BLACK MAGIC (nor) "Wizard's Spell" LP
BLACKWHOLE (ger) "Another Starless Night" MC
CTHULHU RISES (pol) "Ku Chwale Mrocznych Eonów I" MC
DARK ANGEL (usa) "Darkness Descends" LP
DARKNESS (ger) "Defenders Of Justice" LP
DARKNESS (ger) "Death Squad" LP
EMPEROR (nor) "As The Shadows Rise" 12"MLP w/CD
EXUMER (ger) "Rising From The Sea" LP
FUNERAL GOAT (hol) "Mass Of Perversion" LP
FUNERARY BELL (fin) "The Coven" LP
HIN HÅLE (swe) "Beyond" 7"EP
HORNA (fin) "Askel lähempänä Saatanaa" LP
IN SOLITUDE (swe) "Mother Of Mercy" 7"EP
LAZARUS SIN (usa) "Intracranial Mass" LP
LIVING DEATH (ger) "Metal Revolution" LP
LIVING DEATH (ger) "Vengeance Of Hell" LP
LORD BELIAL (swe) "Enter The Moonlight Gate" LP
LORD BELIAL (swe) "Kiss The Goat" LP
MARDUK (swe) "Those Of The Unlight" LP
MASTER (usa) "Master" LP
MASTER (usa) "On The Seventh Day God Created.. Master" LP
MUTILATED (fra) "In Memoriam" 2 x LP
NECRONOMICON (ger) "Necronomicon" LP
NECRONOMICON (ger) "Apocalyptic Nightmare" LP
ONSLAUGHT (usa) "Power From Hell" LP
SACRIFICE (can) "The Ones We Condemn" LP
SALEM (eng) "In The Beginning" 2 x LP
SLAYER (usa) "Seeds Of Horror - The Jeff Hanneman Demos 1985" LP
SLINGBLADE (swe) "The Unpredicted Deeds Of Molly Black" LP
SNAKEPIT #20 w/ Wikka 7"EP
VIRUS (nor) "The Black Flux" LP
WATAIN (swe) "The Wild Hunt" 2 x LP

1st of April, 2014:
ABYSSAL (eng) "Novit Enim Dominus Qui Sunt Eius" 2 x LP
APOCALYPTIC RAIDS (bra) "Only Death Is Real..." LP
BEASTMILK (fin) "Climax" LP
BITCHES SIN (eng) "The Ultimate Invaders" 2 x LP
BLITZKRIEG (eng) "Back From Hell" 2 x LP
EMERALD (hol) "Iron On Iron" LP
FORCE OF DARKNESS (chi) "Absolute Verb Of Chaos & Darkness" MLP
FUNEREAL PRESENCE (usa) "The Archer Takes Aim" LP
IN SOLITUDE (swe) "The World. The Flesh. The Devil" 2 x LP
IRON SPELL (chl) "Heavy Metal Witchcraft" 7"EP
KATATONIA (swe) "Dance Of December Souls" 2 x LP
LVXCAELIS "Slaughtering of the Lamb" MC
MARDUK (swe) "Fuck Me Jesus" MLP
MORUS CHRON (swe) "Svewen" LP
MY DYING BRIDE (eng) "As The Flowers Withers" LP
MYSTRUIN "Gånget Äro Ljuset" CD
MUTILATOR (bra) "Immortal Force" LP
PROCESSION (chl) "Death & Judgement" 10"MLP
STILLA (swe) "Till Stilla Falla" LP
TAROT (aus) "Life & Death" MC
TEITANBLOOD (spa) "Death" 2 x LP
V/A WARFARE NOISE "Volume 1" 2 x LP
ÆVA (nor) 12"LP

4th of March, 2014:
AKTOR (usa) "I Am The Psychic Wars" 7"EP
ALCEST (fra) "Shelter" LP
ANGEL WITCH (eng) "As Above, So Below" 2 x LP
ARCHGOAT / SURRENDER OF DIVINITY (fin/tha) "Angelslaying Christbeheading Black Fucking Metal" LP
ARGUS (usa) "Argus" 2 x LP
ARGUS (usa) "Boldly Stride The Doomed" 2 x LP
ARGUS (usa) "Beyond The Martyrs" LP
ARMOUR (fin) "No Heaven" 7"EP
BLITZKRIEG (eng) "The Boys From Brazil Street: 1981 Revisited - The Archives" 2 x LP
BORROWED TIME (usa) "Borrowed Time" LP
CULT OF FIRE (cze) "Ascetic Meditation of Death" MC
DARK FOREST (eng) "Dark Forest" LP
DARK FOREST (eng) "Dawn Of Infinity" LP
DÉLÉTÈRE (can) "Sacrificium Necrothytum" MC
DRUDKH (ukr) "Eastern Frontier in Flames" CD
GEHENNA (nor) "Unravel" LP
GHOST (swe) "If You Have Ghost" MLP
GHOST (swe) "Live" LP
GRIFT (swe) "Fyra Elegier" 12"MLP
HELL (eng) "Curse & Chapter" 2 x LP
HOODED PRIEST (hol) "Devil Worship Reckoning" LP
INCULTER (nor) "Stygian Deluge" 7"EP
IRKALLIAN ORACLE (swe) "Grave Ekstasis" LP
IRON ANGEL (ger) "Hellish Crossfire" LP
IRON ANGEL (ger) "Winds Of War" LP
IRON DOGS (can) "Free & Wild" LP
IRON DOGS (can) "Cold Bitch" LP
JESS & THE ANCIENT ONES (fin) "13th Breath Of The Zodiac" 7"EP
LEATHER NUNN (usa) "Take The Night" LP
LORD FIST (fin) "Wordless Wisdom Of The Lord Fist" 12"MLP
MAUSOLEUM GATE (fin) "Mausoleum Gate" 7"EP
MAYHEM (nor) "Dawn Of The Black Hearts" LP
MORBUS CHRON (swe) "Sweven" LP
MORBOSIDAD / NOMINON (usa/swe) "Maldiciones Impuras" 7"EP
PROCESSION (chi) "Death & Judgement" 10"MLP
PROFANATICA (usa) "Thy Kingdom Cum" LP
RAVENSIRE / TERMINUS (por/eng) "Drawing The Sword" 7"EP
RÈSISTANCE (fra) "A Tale Of Decadence" LP
RITUAL STEEL (ger) "Invincible Warriors" LP
SANCTUAIRE (fra) "L'Empreinte De Lucifer" LP
SARGEIST (fin) "The Rebirth Of A Cursed Existence" 2 x LP
SEPULTURA (bra) "Beneath The Remains" LP
STALLION (ger) "Mounting The World" 12"MLP
YEAR OF THE GOAT (swe) "This Will Be Mine" 7"EP
VALKYRIA (swe) "The Antagonist's Fire" LP
VOID MOON / THE BOTTLE DOOM LAZY BAND (swe) "Authentic Metal Worship" LP
ZEMIAL (gre) "Nykta" 2 x LP

24th of December, 2014:
POSSESSION (bel) "His Best Deceit" MC
ASSEMBLY AT DUSK (eng) "Asembly At Dusk" MC
ATTIC (ger) "The Invocation" LP
BLACK TRIP (swe) "Goin' Under" LP
CULT OF FIRE (cze) ?????? ?? ????? ???????? LP
DESOLATION TRIUMPHALIS (fra) "Forever Bound To Nothingness" LP
HELL (eng) "Human Remains" 3 x LP
HELL (eng) "Curse & Chapter" 2 x LP
IN SOLITUDE (swe) "Sister" LP
IRON DOGS (can) "Free & Wild" LP
IRON MAN (usa) "Black Night" LP
KATHARSIS (ger) "Fourth Reich" LP
NOCTUM (swe) "Final Sacrifice" LP
OBLITERATION (nor) "Black Death Horizon" LP
PORTAL (aus) "Vexovoid" LP
SATAN'S SATYRS (usa) "Wild Beyond Belief!" LP
SATYRICON (nor) "Satyricon" 2 x LP
SHE'OL (eng) "Sepulchral Ruins Below the Temple" 12"MLP
SKULL FIST (can) "Chasing The Dream" LP
TELOCH (fin) "Morbid Prayer" LP
WARLORD (usa) "The Holy Empire" 2 x LP


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